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There is a voice in the Universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us.

Liam Conner Chiropractor

Dr. William (Liam) Stacy Conner, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

I have been the Director of health and wellness clinics for 27 yrs. with focus on achieving optimal health through natural approaches.

My experience includes clinic direction, patient treatment, nutritional counseling, teaching faculty, nutritional product sales, and technical communication. I have also worked with subject matter experts to gather extensive knowledge, as you will see. I have had considerable classroom experience and I am thoroughly familiar with current health trends.. In addition, I have good research skills, and constantly study to gain a better understanding of natural health care.
I have always been passionate about health care and education as it pertains to wellness and prevention. I look forward to being a part your journey towards a better understanding of Health, Wellness, and Balance!

My passion for nutrition stems from my interest in sports supplements with an application to human performance. As I progressed in professional practice and teaching, I realized thelife changes that students and patients experience with inspired guidance. We are well suited to arm ourselves with knowledge when it comes to our dietary habits in this country. It is from this passion that my journey continues as both teacher and student. While I do believe that we are prepared to function independently, I am eager to collaborate with Families and feel that I can learn from their experience.

I was born and raised in Ga and have been practicing in CO for almost 24 years and consider it home. I enjoy exploring the rocky mountain beauty. I also enjoy cheering for the home teams while attending Rockies, Broncos an Av's and CSU games.

Having played sports my entire life, including football, hockey, rugby, rodeo, and baseball I understand the passion of an athlete and sports fan!

Health and Wellness are very important to me and I enjoy helping others create simple strategies that work in their lives to create balance.

You are wise to question who you can trust when it comes to maintaining, enhancing or rebuilding your health.

With all websites, magazines and other publications offering health advice, with every new TV ad for another proclaimed miracle drug, with any recommendation offered by traditional and natural physicians, it is essential to answer this question above all others: what is their real motivation?

Only if the answer provides you with a sense of security, move on to the next important question: what are their qualifications?

Dr Conner’s motivation, whether you are a practice member of the community, @askdrconner (twitter) or have just heard about him for the first time, is to challenge you to a new and improved level of living.

Doctor Conner’s main focus is to provide the most up to date natural health information, techniques, and resources that will most benefit you and your family.

When Dr Conner recommends products he does so because he has researched them and finds they are the best in that category for your health. He does not recommend sub-standard products.

Dr Conner's Qualifications:

Dr Conner is a chiropractor, also known as a DC. Chiropractors are licensed to practice in the state of Colorado and are required to complete National Board examinations . DCs , DOs and MDs have similar training requiring four years of study in the basic and clinical sciences, and the successful completion of licensing exams. But DCs bring something extra to the practice of health care. Chiropractors practice a “whole person” approach, treating the entire person rather than just symptoms. Focusing on preventive health care, DCs help patients develop a lifestyle that creates wellness and balance as it relates to ones mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self.

Having attended 4 different colleges, all in Georgia, my studies evolved from forestry to pre-med, to chiropractic and nutrition. I graduated from Life University with a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) with minor emphasis in nutrition.


Liam Stacy Conner, DC